Unofficial Clarification for Non-Referees returning Game Objects

Hi all…

Just thought I should clarify that it is not a practice in SingVex that the driver team and the spectators often return the game objects.

What we saw in the vid of the drive team member returning the cube was just the only time that it happened.
For most of the matches, the pace of the match was not as fast and furious as the finals. So most of the time, there were ample time for the officials to return the game objects.

As for the spectators… hmm… if you are referring to those small kids standing around, they were actually (elementary) student helpers. Their main job was to set the field and also to pick up all objects that flew out of the field.

In SingVex, the spectators were all standing behind the barricades.

But that said, it is still a valid concern… especially for later part of the season when the pace of the matches start to pick up. We will need to have enough helpers or officials to be around for this purpose.

I don’t think anyone is trying to say you guys did anything wrong. I think the purpose of the post in the Q&A is to let Karthik know that there is nothing currently in the rules that appears to prohibit drive team members from putting game pieces back in play. If the intent is to not have this happen, the rules will need to be updated.

As the rules are written now, you guys didn’t break any rules by putting the pieces back into play!

Just thought I should still set the record straight that’s all.
It is the word “often” that concern me.
I don’t want people to go away with the wrong idea that it is a common practice somewhere so let’s do it as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, my intention was to clairify the rules through Karthik’s ruling, not to disparage any of the matches at SingVex. Sorry about any confusion.