[Unofficial] Concerning Autonomous Scoring

In response to original question here:

This was cleared up at the Jumpstart tournament.

From the manual:

Both of the rules are mentioned here, though 1 seems to take precedence over anything in 2.

I think the part about pulling the robot away refers to if the *opposing *robot is touching. For example if a blue robot is touching sacks in the red trough.

I agree, the intent of the pulling robots away is to see if opposing robots have sufficiently descored the sacks as to be supporting them. The rule of not touching your own scored sack goes without saying.

Our team lost our first couple of autonomous bonuses yesterday at the Bellarmine tournament because we were touching our sacks after autonomous. So make sure your robot backs away from the trough before autonomous ends.

I did go all nitpicky on the Q&A covering just this (https://vexforum.com/t/answered-further-question-on-scoring-esp-during-autonomous/22407/1 ) just to be sure.

Short version: any sacks being touched by you in your trough at the end of autonomous don’t count. We lost the bonus on our first match of the year because the programmer forgot to back up after scoring. Would have won the match with the bonus.