Unofficial - Counted Stack


We have actually clarified in the reveal thread about how 8059J ( aka The Wall) did the blocking of opponents from scoring at the stationary goal.

This method only works if the blocking mechanism is launched before any cones (or at most one cone) is stacked onto the goal.
And btw, the c-channel is actually barely touching the side of the goal. It definitely fulfill the restriction of not having more than one point of contact.

3 possible scenarios:

  1. launched before any cones are stacked - then it will be totally legal, since any cones that dropped onto the mechanism (or simply the c-channel) will not be fully nested, and hence not considered as stacked.

  2. launched when one cone is already stacked - it will still be legal, since it is not touching more than one cone and the rest of the cones that dropped on top after are not considered as stacked.

  3. launched when more than one cone is stacked - it will be debatable, since the c-Channel will only be touching the top most cone and the rest that dropped after are not considered stacked.
    But that said, we have tested it - due to the angle and height, it couldn’t stop cones from nesting fully when there are already 2 cones or more stacked on the goal. That means, we will never launched it if there is already more than one cone on the goal :slight_smile:

PS - we have already decommissioned this design.