Unofficial doxygen docs for VEXcode IQ C++

Sharing this here in case anyone else finds it useful:

I pointed Doxygen at the C++ header files included with VEXcode IQ, and generated some useful docs with minimal configuration.

The built-in documentation that comes with VEXcode is very good, but if you browse through the included header files you can see that there is some more advanced functionality available that the VEXcode GUI doesn’t show. The doxygen site doesn’t provide all the details that the built-in help does, but it shows everything, and is easier to browse than the raw header files.


haha, yea, wondered when someone would do that.

The IQ C++ headers are in some cases identical to the V5 headers, in fact, classes like smartdrive and drivetrain were copied directly from V5 (and yes, IQ and V5 SDKs were written by the same person :slight_smile: ). The V5 headers did include some custom tags that were originally for Vex Coding Studio to use, these were removed from IQ.


Thanks for doing this @holbrook, that looks really cool.

And thanks James for making this stuff in the first place.