Unofficial: Electric Tape Legality

From @BBBcube3.14 's post here,

From the way the rules are written, I can say with 99% certainty no.

Let’s look at <R6f> and <R6j>, with bold added for emphasis:

What you are doing is adding traction to hold a cap, so that goes beyond . In addition, the only time electrical tape is mentioned in the manual is in <R6j>, that deals with managing wires, not manipulation of game objects. With that, I believe applies, and that is not legal.

I’ve heard anti-slip mat gets the job done, so maybe consider that instead?

I was unsure so thanks for the clarification, @GBHS VEX Member

Rubber bands for that purpose as long as they are Vex approved are fine right?

Yup, rubber bands are just general legal parts.