Unofficial: Maximum amount of Y-Cables


@SpencerVaughan You may use an unlimited amount of Y-Cables for motors provided four criteria are met:
*No more than 1 Y-cable is used per port (effectively, no more than two motors may be controlled per port, and also known as “No Y off a Y”).
*A Y-cable is not used on the 2-wire ports.
*No single motor is controlled by more than one port at once.
*Each motor plugged into a 3-wire port is plugged into its own motor controller

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I would guess You aren’t likely to use more than six y cables for your motors

you can use up to 6 Y cables for motors and use no more than 12 motors.

Thanks Guys, much appreciated

I would say you could only use two y-cables since you have a twelve motor limit and it is better to use 8 ports directly into the cortex with 2 y-cabled rather than a lot of y cables attached which is unnecessary. But technically 6 is the limit