Unofficial Pitching In Field

Built up an unofficial field using parts around the lab.



So sad seeing the 4 feet by 12 feet Field go away, but anyway, that Unoffical field looks nice

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Nice job! I also did a similar thing so that we could start building robots before we get the official game pieces.

We used pins with spacers on them to keep the Squared Away balls we were using as placeholders until we got the real balls in place when resetting the field.


The 6x8 field gives them a lot more room to expire more complex games for the students. Ride above bring on a larger field made sense and seeing how my students seemed to enjoy the game, I have no complaints exempt for the added cost. But you do what you can for the kids


I don’t hate the new field, but Robotics nostalgia hits hard


Looks amazing. I can’t wait for the new balls to come in. The extra weight will play a factor in how the kids are going to build the robots


That is an interesting thought, and I think that the differing textures and squishiness between the Squared Away balls and the Pitching In balls might warrant some consideration when designing with Squared Away balls. But they actually don’t weigh any more than the Squared Away balls. They both weigh 25g.

Pitching In ball definition:

Ball - A yellow, padded, roughly spherical object, with an overall diameter of approximately 2.95” (75mm) and a weight of approximately 25g.

The Squared Away game manual doesn’t provide a weight for the ball (that I found), but I weighed one last night and it weighed 25g.


I assumed they were heavier due to the padding. The flexibility of them compared to bankshot/squared away will also play a cool factor this year.

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