Unofficial Q&A Response: <SG5> Un-nesting, but not removing a Cone from opposing Stack legal?

Would this be a violation of <SG9> because the robot possesses more than one cone when a stack is being un-nested?

According to Note 2 of the definition of Stacked, “By these definitions, if a Robot is touching a Cone on a Mobile Goal, that Cone and any above it will not count as being Stacked.” They would be touching a bottom cone, so the rest of the stack would count towards the possession limit, violating <SG9>.

I believe the most applicable situation for this question would be in the case that the stack only consists of one cone.

That’s probably the only situation where it’s legal.

Well… With this there’s multiple considerations. The first consideration is that the opposing robot would know you’ve blocked that goal, but if they scored once they’d realize not to score again. The second consideration is with the definition of possession:

By doing such, are you controlling the movement? No, because the cones aren’t being moved. Are you holding the cones? No, it’s not held. Are you carrying the cones? No, because the majority of the weight of the cones are on the goal and not your robot. Yet again, as from the title, this is unofficial.