unofficial: Question regarding Robot's in Autonomous.

In the official Q&A for VRC in the zone, @SpencerVaughan asked:

There’s no other reason to run an autonomous than to affect the outcome of the match; that’s the point.

I assume you’re specifically concerned with whether it is legal to use defensive blocking in autonomous to prevent the other alliance from scoring. It is. It is a common strategy. It is expected, and legal, so long as no other rules are broken.

It is possible that the team accidentally discovered that their broken autonomous routine disrupted the opposing alliance’s attempts to score. Upon noticing how well it worked, they just continued to run it. That’s fine. Careful scouting should tell other teams what they’re facing when playing against that team. They can then adjust for the expected attempt to spoil their autonomous program run.

As I said, it is possible it was an accidental discovery. It is also equally possible they designed the “autonomous spoiler” on purpose. Either is legal.

There is no rules that says this is illegal.
In fact, it is common for teams to anticipate the opponents’ autonomous and try to counter it. And disruption is one of the ways to counter it.

It is also quite common to see good teams keeping some autonomous runs “hidden” until eliminations. This is to reduce the chances of their autonomous being disrupted or countered.

@kypyro Sorry i was unaware i was posting in the wrong section, im new to the forums :p.

Thanks for the help guys, really appreciated

You posted to the correct section for an official answer; I just knew that it will take them about a week to give you an answer there. So, I replicated your question here. The community can’t post answer to the official channels, so you won’t get much discussion on the topic there.

But you will get the official and correct answer. In any of the non-official channels, you’ll get discussion from other people.

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