[Unofficial] Re. V5 Backwards Compatibility

Unofficial reply to @Roboter Hersteller’s question:

If I remember correctly, V5 has 8 legacy ports compatible with 393s and the old sensors. However, it operates at a lower voltage and therefore 393s will not be as powerful. 393s on a V5 are also not competition legal.

The ports in the back are designed to operate the legacy sensors, as in the limit switch, bumper, etc… You will need to upgrade your motors.

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The 8 3-wire “Triports” are fed by a single power supply. It is easy to overload that power supply with multiple 393s. We retrofitted a Cortex clawbot with a V5 brain running the 393 motors and the results were not good. My suggestion, never put a 393 on a V5 brain. Having said that, I did build a V5 robot before the V5 claw came out and powered the old claw assembly through the Triports without any problem, so maybe a single 393 in a low-power situation is OK.

@Rick TYler : what happens if you put power expanders between the legacy ports and the 393’s to power them from the legacy batteries?

Haven’t tried it, sorry.