Unofficial Reply:Defense and the Full Court Free Throw


There appear to be only a few teams capable of achieving a score greater than 150, and I suspect that they are all employing a variant of this strategy.](

My team competed at the Lambert competition this weekend and yes the full field shots were a key to winning the competition, however I do not believe that this strategy is the key to winning absolutely every game as you have said. During the finals match, it was important to be able to have 1 robot shoot the match loads while another scored the bonus balls around the field. During the finals both alliances could shoot most of the match loads into the goal which was necessary to win, but the difference was made when an extra robot scored balls on the field. There was no lifting during the finals matches at this tournament and all points were scored from balls in the nets. An alliance with just a base shooter cannot outscore an alliance with a base shooter and a field collecting shooter. I think this is what the game design committee was going for when designing the game. It was made so you had to have an alliance to win the game. Elevation needs an alliance to score points and scoring just match loads is not enough when competing against an alliance that also scores balls on the field. There can be numerous strategies such as blocking robots from scoring on the field or focusing on scoring an extra 4 bonus balls in the net while the opponents are elevating which would come close to equalizing the elevation. I do not think that any single strategy or single robot will win every match this regardless of your alliance. The alliance selection this year will be very important.