Unofficial reply: Error in awarding world qualifications

I’m not 100% sure on the specifics of this situation, so forgive me if I’m wrong.
It appears to me that 5233J is ranked higher than 2501B in the World Programming Skills rankings, and they had not yet qualified by anything else. I don’t know why it was announced that 2501B qualified, but it does not look like they did.

Jackets STEAM team there is no dispute as to 5233J being invited, they received the 10th spot being the highest ranked team that had not yet qualified, the 11th spot should then have alternated to robot skills which was 2501B. Please list the 11 teams that you think qualified from the Heartland Regional

I believe they have not given you the qualification spot because under the world skills ranking for Nebraska your score has not been updated to 303 therefore their not recognizing it yet

This how the Heartland Regional spots were distributed at the tournament. Tournament Champions (1064A, 5813B. 1970K) , Tournament Finalists ( 1045D, 2501J, 1064P) Programming skills (8675), Driver Skills (6813B). Excellence (1064A) and Design (1028A). The Regional had 11 spots if you look closely there is a duplicate (1064A), So the next two spots would be given to the highest regionally (NE/IA) ranked teams the 1st of these 2 most definitely going to 5233J, then you alternate to Driver Skills and award the 11th spot to the highest non qualified team in the region 2501B, this is how it was done. When the RECF rep for Nebraska entered the teams he bypassed the Iowa teams. Saying the spot had to got to a Nebraska team, This is my contention nowhere does it say this. this is a quote from the tournament page where it says it should take the highest from Iowa or Nebraska

The 11th spot will be awarded to the NE/IA team with the highest
World rankings in skills.
All 11 world qualifying spots will be awarded.
In the case of duplicate award winners, i.e. one team
winning multiple world qualifying awards, the remaining
spot(s) will be filled by NE/IA teams from their world
skills rankings starting with programming skills and alternating
there after until all 5 spots are awarded.

Vexmo the Heartland Regional was a combined event ( NE & IA), 2501B has a top robot skills of 320, they posted skills scores over 300 at 6 different tournaments.

I did not realize anyone had double qualified, my mistake.

I sent similar info in a private message - but now that this is here - it definitely seems that you have a case. I sure hope you get this straightened out! Your skills scores need to be updated in the worldwide skills database.

Here’s a link to a question/answer related to multiple state competitions - nowhere does it say that spaces are awarded on a pro-rata basis.

5233J has qualified and we are registered for worlds. We belive that 2501B should go, we think that a mistake in the double qualification info is why they did not get the birth.

I realized that I sounded like I was saying u shouldn’t have qualified I was really saying that from the site u guys should have gotten it along with 5233j

Still no ruling on this? It seems like a very correctable problem. 2501B is a very deserving team. They earned the spot!

VEx Forum is probably not the best route to resolve issues like this. The event partner or RECF regional manager are better positioned routes for those directly impacted by the situation to inquire what is going on.

In this case, if it was the RECF regional manager that made the mistake in the first place…then what? Sometimes a little public outcry helps. Plus, this is a specific case that others may have this year or in the future. The forums are precisely the place for this issue to be brought up, especially, if the direct routes were already pursued.

Thanks for your support toastmaster, We all make mistakes, this is one that can be easily fixed. I have faith that the RECF will do the right thing. The criteria was set and reached, in Engineering that is how I would define success. I hope there are more people like you out there that will stand up and say that what is happening to these kids is wrong.

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As I said in my previous post, I had faith in RECF they have given 2501B their World Spot. Thanks for all the help Mr. Dillion Lee and Mr. Brad Lauer. Hope to see you in Louisville.

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That’s great news!

Congrats on getting the spot. 2501B is one of the best teams in the region. It was fun competing with them this year.

Great to hear!!!

Congratulations! Can’t wait to see you there.