Unofficial Reply to Legality of wireless headphones in VEX Competitons

You posted in the official support forum where the community can’t respond. The regular skyrise subforum would probably be the best place for community input, and the official Q&A is where Karthik answers.

Karthik has said in the past that wireless communication like what you described is not legal during a match, so your drive team members can’t use it. However, I don’t think there are any restrictions on wireless communication in the rest of the expo center, and I know teams have used walkie-talkies at other events.

Thank you for redirecting me.

To add to the info - make sure your wireless communications do not interfere in any way with the 802.11 frequencies the robots use. Would be a shame to have robots stall because someone wanted tacos :stuck_out_tongue:

The New Vex Keys use 2.4 GHz RF, but the interference from those should be minimal.

I like tacos a lot though :wink: as long as they don’t interfere with my robot.