Unofficial Reply: Where can I get a legal tank filler fitting?

This was asked: (couldn’t reply on official tech support)

I found this, it seems correct.

And here is the old one:

Were these supposed to come with the kits? Or are these “add ons”?

Because when we got our kits two years ago we got valves that just screw into the reservoir tank. Those kind of stink because they cannot be remotely placed like the one in the above link.

Edit: Maybe we got the kits just after they stopped including those and switched to the ones located on the tanks? If so, does anyone know why they changed? The old one seems much more helpful.

New valve if I remember correctly shraeder(don’t remember how to spell it) vs something else

Hopefully someone can elaborate but if not I’ll give more information when I get back to my computer.(going to see age of ultron currently)

The kits used to come with the older type fitting. Some time ago (2012-ish I think) they were switched to the fittings that screw right onto the tanks. Both fittings are Schrader valves (the tire style pump connection), the difference is that one is attached to the tank and the other is separate.

I think the new one is more practical for most uses because you don’t need another spot to mount the valve, and don’t need to do the plugging one end thing. But if the tank is hard to reach you can use the older fitting, as you’re allowed to use discontinued parts.

This is what I was thinking. I think I will get a couple of those older valves for my teams!

The old one is also nice because you can turn off/block air connection to it in order to prevent losing air when you take the pump off. Trouble is the old one is kinda hard to get a hold of by itself. PLC Center has a $50 minimum, so if you are buying other pneumatics—great, if not :frowning:

Good point, we had to over fill our pneumatics last year so that when we disconnected the pump it would hopefully leak to the proper pressure. Not a good way to do it. Definitely gonna get me some of those old valves!

Make sure you also get some more of the tank fittings then: KQ2H03-34S or “-34AS”

Unless you want to connect two hoses to the tank, you’ll also need the orange plugs. Does anyone know the part no. for those, I can’t find it?

Just use a piece of tubing. A short piece of tubing doubled over and zip tied doesn’t leak. Easier to buy and the same technique works everywhere you need it.

Tested up to like 150 psu

25 of them are available on amazon here.