Unofficial reply: Who can Compete for Excellence and Design Awards

OP: “Who can Compete for Excellence and Design Awards

To me, it looks like “state/regional/provincial/national qualifying event” is likely referring to an event that qualifies for a state/regional/provincial/national championship (although the wording does not specify whether the event needs to be in the team’s own region, or whether it also includes the state championships themselves).

Either way, I agree that the wording is confusing and should be updated.

There is an official response and, unfortunately, this is not the correct interpretation:

I think maybe the confusion is in the wording: " “state/regional/provincial/national qualifying event.” In an effort to try to include what happens in the whole world. In the USA, we have various states, in Canada, provinces, in other countries it might just be a single national. In the USA, sometimes “regional” means a multi-state event because single states don’t have enough teams, or in Michigan, the Regionals were an event at a level lower than the Michigan State championship. And in VEX-U, there are only events where teams from all over (multiple states) come together.

I agree with @B-Kinney, my understanding of the interpretation is that the excellence/design award need to be earned at that particular event that qualified the team for the world championship.

So here’s the official response:

For Excellence, a team can earn it at any event during the season.

For Design, it must be earned at a Worlds qualifying event.

Please read the official Q&A to make sure I have interpretted it correctly!

@Gear Geeks : That looks correct.

Pretty sure that Tarek’s clarification means your interpretation is correct.
The wording seems to be intentional, and Tarek makes that clear.

[edited to change “incorrect” to “correct.” Stupid mistake]

I just corrected my “interpretation” with strikeout.

Interesting thing to consider, though, is that the World’s excellence award criteria includes how the team did on design (in other words, during judging, a world excellence award winner is often a “finalist” for many judged awards, including design). But if the team does not compete for world design because they did not win States (or Provincial, or whatever), how would this be evaluated for world excellence?

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It probably just narrows the field down farther.

Or maybe (this makes sense to me), if you meet the criteria to be judged for Excellence at Worlds, they’ll also consider you for design.

Granted, they are two entirely separate judging groups at Worlds, so maybe they just ranks the notebooks for Excellence purely for the Excellence award?

So my team won excellence at the Kalahari event which was a multi-state regional event and was also a worlds qualifying event (excellence winner got a bid to worlds) so would this make them eligible for Design?

I don’t know. What’s your read?

Editted: based on this “To be eligible for Design at Worlds teams must have been awarded Excellence or Design at their state/regional/provincial/national World Championship qualifying event.” it kind of looks like no…

Since it has a worlds qualifying spot and I would consider it a regional event I would say that it should but I don’t think in the end it will. I should probably ask this in the Official Q&A.

Yes, that would be a good one for the official Q&A. Yours is definitely a special case since there are very few events that directly qualify for Worlds. Congrats, by the way. It must have been great for your team to know they were going to worlds so early in the season!

My team is middle school and only the high school excellence award qualified for worlds sadly, but it was still exciting to win it at such a big event!

The high school level in Ohio had a whopping 19 worlds spots this year while middle school “only” had 5, and I’m assuming this is why they didn’t do it for middle school excellence. Congrats on the award though!

I’m pretty sure Kalahari is going to be an annual event, so anyone that reads this, be sure to consider it for next year.

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It is a great event my kids love going there we will be back every year it is held!

So now that Worlds is over, does anyone have any idea how this was resolved? There were multiple lists sent out prior to worlds with the eligible teams but it is still not clear who was considered and who was not considered for the design award. Early lists included only regional excellence and design award winners. The last list sent out included those teams plus teams being considered for excellence award.

@Gear Geeks That is a great question. I have no idea how it was resolved but I hope next year they make it much clearer. The explanations this year were super confusing.