Unofficial Response: Hanging Clarification

In response to this thread: by @7447D

In the future please read around on the forum before posting in the official Q&A thread, because if it’s not in the manual the question may be sitting here already answered.

This thread even has @DRow saying the same thing I am saying in this thread

You can summarize the answer as well. You can hang both in autonomous and end of driver control. However, points for the hang are only counted to towards the final score for the hang at the end of the match along with any scoring object points and autonomous bonus points. To be clear, if your robot hangs twice, you only get the 12 points for hanging at the end. If your robot hangs in autonomous mode but not at the end of the match, you get no points for hanging. You do get autonomous bonus points if your alliance has scored more points during autonomous than the opponent.

While I agree about reiterating the procedure for finding answers, it is good form to actually give the answer in your unofficial response. Otherwise we will find ourselves with a lot of searches that end up with only links.

This should be posted in the Starstruck forum and not the general forum.