Unofficial Response: Is qualifier alliance random?

Qualifier Alliances are random. Also, if you want people from the forum to respond to your thread, make sure to post in forums that aren’t labelled “Official”.

Better luck next year in qualifying for worlds.

They are computer generated and fully random. Sadly all teams may end up with a bad match schedule a few times throughout the year. That’s why it’s good to scout- if you end up in the top you may find a good team with a lower rank that just happened to have a bad match achedule.


We hardly ever get paired up with good people :frowning:
ever. . .

Feels like we’re always paired against the good robots…

maybe we are all bad :frowning:

I have a response to the question of my own.

Exactly what in the world are you talking about? Yes, alliance pairings are random. However, why are you complaining about yours? Upon taking a closer look at your schedule, you seem to have had the luckiest pairings at the event! You were paired with nearly all the top teams, including all of the tournament champions, all of the tournament finalists, and a few of the semi finalists, including my team. I have no clue what you’re talking about in regards to unlucky pairings, because you had some of the best that day. And what is this ‘ultimate pushbot’ you’re going on about? There were PLENTY of fantastic teams you were paired with that weren’t a pushbot.


Alliance pairings are not random at all. The algorithm keeps you from playing the same teams over and over, and keeps you from having the same alliance partner. At small events, you might not see it, but at a larger event you will notice that you never play the same team or have the same alliance partner twice. The algorithm also tries to maximize the time between matches for each team, so you are not playing in both Q10 and Q11, for example.

Beyond those structural issues, though, the software does not care who is “good” and who is “bad.” To that extent, it is random.

(It appears to me that the algorithm doesn’t care about teams from the same school, either. It seems to treat each team as a completely separate entity, which is why you sometimes see teams from the same school teamed up to play against other teams from the same school.)

I don’t know but agree with Rick Tyler - it sure looks like an algoritm is used to set the alliances in matches. It does not appear to be random. If i had time, I’d love to try to figure out the algorithm… it may vary by tournament size…

obviously the alliances are rigged. the more you pay vex, the better your schedules become.