Unofficial response: IT'S NOT WORKING!!!!


You set your motor power for the arm and fork equal to the button values. When you press the button, the button value changes from 0 to 1. The maximum power for motors is 127, not 1. So the motors run with practically no power. The correct way to program buttons is to use an if-statement. Try something like this:

motor[brightarmMotor] = 127;

else if(vexRT[Btn5D])
motor[brightarmMotor] = -127;

motor[brightarmmotor] = 0;
//127 is full motor power, instead of 1.

And you can copy-paste that to the other buttons and motors. Also, I would reccomend that you set your arm/fork motors to the same button instead of a different button for each motor.

Edited for specificity.

This helped a lot! Thank you for telling us. We put “motor” where it didn’t need to be in the program.

Glad to help!