Unofficial response on rules wanted.

So I was wondering about a couple rulings and wanted to see if there was any confusion within the whole community so I can ask for an official response or so I know not to waste his time with the questions.

First question was if an opponent robot is trying to score on post and is not in or on there colored tile can the teams robot basically ram the opponent preventing them from scoring and driving away not pinning them? Only rules I can find that apply is <G12> which I think does not apply.

Second question does touching cubes by association on the colored tile count as not scored. Example if you have say four team colored cubes on the teams color mat to be scored and they are all touching and the team robot is touching one cube at the end of the match do all the cubes not count to be scored.

I think this ruling was cause the confusion and I don’t think it applies.

If you don’t accidentally tip them over in the process of stopping them scoring you’re totally fine. The only way you could possibly get in trouble is if they were to be really high up and tip over due to you pushing, it would be up to the ref’s discretion. I personally wouldn’t call it unless you looked like you were trying to tip them (i.e kept pushing after they started to wobble, or you had tipped opponents in other matches).

I’m not a source for official anything, but my own personal suggestion is to not ram anybody anywhere at any time. I think ramming a robot implies a speed that might possibly damage a robot, and damaging a robot is frowned upon by the refs.

Perhaps “pushing” might be more acceptable. And so long as by “post” you mean those grey posts (and not the SkyRise tower), I would think this would be a legal move.

Just my amateur opinion, though.