Unofficial Response: Programming 12 motors

Since there are only 10 motor ports on the Cortex, you’ll have to plug at least 2 pairs of motors into y-cables and plug those into the Cortex. The Cortex treats those y-cabled motors as if they’re one single motor. Program those pairs as if they’re a single motor.

What you can do is invert the 2 pin connector and just program it normally as one motor

Or you could just… you know… use a couple of y-cables… no separate programming, but that cant be done anyway…

Guess you could always bit bang since pwm output via a digital output or something :3

(As a note… Please don’t actually do this. For anyone who just had a spark of excitement light up in their brain. However, you could use the serial port to contact an arduino or pi and get some ports that way)

Y-cable, one end to the power expander, the other to the motor.

And how would this help?

It helps because you’re not drawing as much power from the same cortex port. It allows you to get away with 12 motors each drawing at their max power limit.
When you code the motor port, it’ll activate both motors. So as long as you make sure the y-cable is between motors that won’t ever turn opposite of each other, you’ll be fine. Chassis, lift, etc. are several areas where this is the case.