Unofficial Response to Clarification on 1/8" nylon rope

This is in response to @alano4679 's Q&A post on whether 1/8" nylon rope would be allowed to make netting.

You cited rule R5b, but it looks like you only read some of the rule. The rule is intended to keep you from using vex apparel/things that are not made to be used on robots. This clarification is seen by the parts of R5b in parentheses.

I’d say making netting out of 1/8" nylon rope is legal. I can just imagine an inspector trying to call someone for an illegal use of a legal rope.
Competitor: “R5b says we can use 1/8” rope."
Inspector: “Yeah, you can, just not like that.”

R5b is basically a rule to say to students “don’t be stupid”

It just restricts things you shouldn’t be doing already

I do not see anything wrong with tat as long as it stays as 1/8" braided rope and not pulled apart.

Now for the net and the design notebook! Research different net types and figure out what works best for this game! Build a few, do some experiments, wow the judges!

She even wrote a book.

And of course you always need tools! You can never have enough tools!

well we cut up gears last year…

Official ruling on this:

You can unbraid the rope! Just prove it came from the 1/8" rope to begin with. I know the perfect place to do that - your design notebook!