Unofficial response to: "Descoring" cubes/stars

An object is still scored if a robot lifts it off of the ground.

“it is Scored in the Zone that Robot or Scoring Object is touching

Read that rule closer. I think the original question is a valid one. If a robot is hanging, it is NOT touching any zone (Karthik has already clarified that zones are defined by their perimeter not their volume). So that begs the question if this rule applies or if the scoring object is then worth zero for either team.

As far as I can tell, @Team HIRO’s question is unrelated to hanging.

I’m unsure about whether an object is scored if a robot hangs with it as well.
I asked about that a few hours ago in this thread.

This would mean that if you hang with a scoring object, it does not count as scored

Is there a specific reason as to why lifting with a star is better than launching that star across to the other side? Is it the fear that the other team might then send it back and lead to a deficit on your side?

I personally think it does not make any sense to lift with scoring objects, because if you’re putting that much effort into collecting them, might as well decrease your weight and robot profile by chucking them across at the last second.

It may come down to timing, not necessarily better or worse. I can easily imagine a scenario where you can grab a star or cube just as your robot is about to hang without enough time to turn and launch. Descoring at the last moment as you hang will then equal a 6-16+ point swing.

Here’s an unlikely, but possible, scenario: you pick up a star or cube, and your shooter jams so you’re stuck carrying it, and can’t even shake it off. You grapple the pole by shooting a hook over the top edge of the tube, and pull yourself up to the top using a 1/8" nylon rope…when you get to the top, the weight shifts, and your whole robot swings around the pole so you are actually suspended over the floor, entirely outside (and not touching) the field perimeter (except of the bit of the grappling hook stuck into the top of the pole.

I see, I had forgot about the time it would take to dump since I am pretty biased towards catapult bots right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that I read it again, I think your right. I am still curious though about what would happen if you are hanging with an object…

Yes, me too.