Unofficial Response to "Disablement for shifting robot in double hang?"

DracoTheDragon posted:
“Would it be legal for a robot to maneuver itself to make a majority of the robot (but not completely) stick out of the field to increase the chances of having a double hang during a match? Or will this be a potential hazard for viewers, thus illegal?”

The answer is that a double hang is NOT legal, only one robot may hang. From page 3 of the game Manual.
“Each Alliance has one (1) Hanging Bar from which one (1) Robot can Hang.”

That is not an sg or g ruling though. Though says

it only mentions you have the option to do it, not restricting the option of “you may hang with 2 robots”. This is because because a disqualification is defined as a rules violation (there’s no rule), and a disablement is only for the safety of individuals

Edit: Nevermind, this is a better clarification than page 3:

Only one (1) Alliance Robot can earn points for Hanging (High or Low) during a Match.

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