Unofficial Response to Hanging in Autonomous

This is in response to @Anotherblindsquirrel 's thread started to ask if you could get points for hanging in Autonomous.

Is you would have done a simple search using the forum search tool (which seems unused these days) you would see many unofficial threads on this topic that would explain your answer.

The answer is similar to what would have happened in Nothing But Net if you would have climbed in Autonomous. You will get the points as towards the autonomous bonus but the second you get down after Driver Control has started, those points will no longer be scored as points that go towards the overall match score are scored at the end of the match

Also, I would like to point out that it would also be nice to search through the forums a little bit before posting in the official Q and A because this question has been answered so many times unofficially, that I feel it was kind of a useless question that Karthik is probably not going to answer.