Unofficial response to High-Rising Technicalities

What you are talking about, I presume, is what is called a tether-bot elsewhere in the forums. You can separate into two (or more) individual robots provided they remain physically connected together with metal links, 1/8" nylon cord, or other legal materials. Obviously, there will probably be control wiring in the tether too, since you are allowed only one cortex.

They also mention to “high rise it” which I take to mean as hanging. To do this both parts of the robot would have to be above the 12" or 4" for points.

So, it would not be legal to high rise that way. That’s unfortunate we thought that might be the case, but thanks for the help anyway.

Basically, if your plan was to leave part of your robot on the ground, no it’s not legal.

The relevant concept to consider is that a tether-bot split into two is still “one robot” with respect to the rules. So if any part of your single robot is touching the foam tiles and / or below the high hang limit, then it doesn’t count. Within the rules, this is identical to a single robot only partially lifting itself off the ground but still touching.

If you have a tether bot for other reasons, and manage to lift all parts of it above the ground / wall (depending on level of hang), including the tether, then you would have a legal low / high hang.