Unofficial response to "Is a defensive design illegal?"

Well, there are no rules against it so it is legal. That being said, I still agree with your statement that you will be building something useless. Starstruck is about scoring. If you build an 8 foot wall, it will be very difficult for you or your alliance partner to score. It will be more difficult for you to score than the robots you are trying to block.

Unless you cover all the way to the ground, stars and cubes will be scored under the fence. Unless you cover fairly high, stars and cubes will be scored over your robot. Unless you cover more than 10 feet wide, stars will be scored around you. If you are that tall, it is also likely you will be tipped easily.

I have seen some attempts at defensive wallbots for this game, but none with any success. Who knows, though. You may be the one to pull it off. Good luck.

Thanks, I’m trying to keep things like that in mind, however if we can get all of the design elements working (some pretty ambitious but promising mechanisms, one of which is an expanding lockdown leg system to counteract that tipping issue) I’m still hopeful for the concept.

That brings up a follow up question, but it’s mechanical-related. And this is the rules forum.

Repost in that section?

This is a Community forum. There’s no need for a new forum unless you want an official response.

Also, in response to your first question, it is legal. Nonetheless, keep this in mind, taken from the Starstruck Game Manual:

“VEX Robotics Competition Starstruck is intended to be an offensive game. Teams that partake in solely defensive strategies will undergo extra scrutiny in regard to <G12>. In the case where referees are forced to make a judgment call on interaction between a defensive and offensive Robot, the referees will err on the side of the offensive Robot.”