Unofficial response to "Legal Strategy?"

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@Mr.Constructor, I don’t know if that’s legal (I do know the fence is flimsy, though), but I strongly recommend against it. If I understand you correctly, when you ram the fence without touching the stars they are just as likely to fall on your side of the fence as the the other. Even if you get them to fall off you might just score for your opponent.

I don’t think the fence is flimsy enough. Also the stars aren’t just balancing on it, they arent made to fall off without touching them.

Also, consider the common sense rule

The stars aren’t just hanging there, they’re latched on to the side of the fence. You would have to apply a large amount of force to detach them, and even doing so wouldn’t guarantee that they would go in to their Zone

Large amount of force in the forward direction, but not as much in the side direction.

I could see driving until you slam into the fence and then drive along the fence knocking the rest over into the other team’s zone. but just crashing straight into the fence may not get you much as others have said.

But please don’t break our fence. These things cost a ridiculous amount of money. Rough robots can damage the game elements. The nets last season were fairly fragile, the post holes cracked the season before, popping beach balls were fun, and the sacks leaked beads before that.

If you have a strategy that does, in fact damage field elements, you set yourself up for possible disqualification. I think that this applies regardless of intent.

Don’t do it. In order to hit it hard enough to get the stars off, you MUST risk damaging the field. That is clearly against the rules. Even if that was not the case, it still is a bad strategy. If the fence was loose enough and the stars were less secure, you would likely get as many or more on your own side.

All in all, this is a very bad strategy. We have a complete field set up and I can tell you that it simply will not work. The only two things you will accomplish are disqualification and getting the event partner pissed off.

Again, consider the common sense rule

one of our teams did this try but failed miserably, the stars are stuck onto the fence, there is not way to get them off by slamming a robot into it .( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)