Unofficial Responses

Lately there have been a lot of ‘unofficial responses’ popping up on the VEX Forums. It’s great that members of the community are stepping up to help, and have been keeping up on the rules well enough to pass their knowledge onto others. However, it’s gotten to a point where these threads are counterproductive.
More often than not, these ‘unofficial responses’ tell the individual that posted the original thread to use the search bar and see if their question has been asked before. The idea of this is to lessen the clutter on the forums of repetitive questions, and this is where the counterproductive nature comes in.
By creating a new thread (or threads, in some cases) to answer a question you are cluttering the forums further. Not only does it clutter the forum, Karthik still puts up an answer on these threads. At this point you might as well just let Karthik write a single answer - it also eliminates any risk of a user mixing up a rule and confusing the individual.
On a side note, I’m also willing to bet that half of these ‘unofficial responses’ don’t get read by the individual that started the Q+A thread.
Also remember that recently released a Q+A database, and you can always hop on the VEX Discord quickly - it’s pretty active, and there’s usually someone knowledgeable around willing to answer your question.

tldr; Let the staff designated to answer Q+A threads do their job instead of making excessive threads that clutter the forum for unofficial responses.

Lastly, please appreciate the irony of me making a thread asking other members to stop making excessive threads.