Unofficial Rule: Name Change of "Caps" to "Waffles"

<UR1> Henceforth, all objects previously referred to as “caps” will now be prescribed with a new term, “waffles” in all uses outside of interactions with judges and/or officials.

The name change is to increase conversational efficiency, as due to the “caps” shape and appearance, it is more intuitive to call them waffles. From now on, anyone that uses the term “caps” instead of “waffles” will be in violation of this unofficial rule change, and shall be subject to “extremely mild scrutiny” from their fellow peers.

No, please dont even joke about this, please just call them what theyre named, otherwise people will get confused. Lets not have another “goliath” situation" .

I completely, definitely approve of this.

Please no, VEX has a point when they give their game elements concise and proper names. This is probably a joke, but there is wisdom in referring to them in their proper name as much as possible.
It is fine to use the joke name with other people you know will get it, but if you keep slipping it into normal conversation with other people trying to worry about the game, it wastes your credibility and people will be really distracted by it. I personally like calling them waffles, but only in non-technical conversation. I promise, it just saves a bunch of extra baggage if you just use the right name as much as possible.


In the interest of efficiency, “caps” is much shorter and easier to type than “waffles”.


yah, this was just a joke, but I get your point : )

If I can cover a waffle in butter and syrup during a match, I’m in.

That is how TP was made… some dudes around a table eating waffles thought robots were cool.

I don’t think they should be called either caps or waffles. Honestly they are Floppies. You will need to flop them over to the other side.


I support this, it needs to happen.

and balls as chez circles!

Call them what you want, but it’s your loss when you ask for a “waffle” to test out with your robot and they give you this:

We’ve got a similar case on our team - Keps nuts are called “flowers”.

<UR2> Henceforth, all objects previously referred to as “waffles” will now be given no name, in order to spur more confusion among teams.

I started calling them “pizzas” at Worlds. Let’s go with that.

Gonna get that thicc w a f f l e intake to get me some w a f f l e s for breakfast.

We absolutely positively NEED this name change xD



I love this. Thank you @Forrest Keller