Unofficial: Sizing Rules

OP: “Sizing Rules


Based on rule <R4a>, the robot would not be allowed to scrape the edge of the sizing tool:

(Emphasis mine.)

You’re welcome.

In the future, I would recommend that you search the game manual and Q&A summary before asking a question in the official Q&A. (You could also search the Q&A section of the forum, in which case using Google might work better than the forum’s search bar.)

Sometimes when it looks like its touching, as long as they can slide a piece of paper through it, it is allowed.

I would just like to say, the reason I asked officially is that some competitions have separate rules, like I’ve heard some teams have had to change the robot by half a centimeter because of it slightly touching the sizing tool. Because it may vary, I wanted to ask officially because I am very unsure which is correct or not.