Unofficial Skills Contest

For those teams that cannot go to states this season because of the coronavirus or who just didn’t qualify, I’m sure that we’re all really frustrated about not being able to compete. So, I thought we could have a little indoors competition so we can all stay healthy but still compete! Here are the rules for this unofficial skills contest.

Entry rules:

  • Each submission should be either an auto or driver run
  • The winner of the challenge by highest scoring run gets an Unofficial Skills Auto/Driver Highscore Award
  • The winner of the challenge by lowest scoring run gets an Unofficial Skills Auto/Driver Consistency Award
  • Submissions trying to qualify for the Unofficial Skills Consistency award should be three+ consecutive runs, and the lowest score in the video will be multiplied by 1.05 to the # of runs power (i.e. 5% bonus per run). This post has an example of the calculation of the consistency award.
  • Individual runs should not go over 1:00
  • As long as your robot isn’t obviously out of expansion, it will pass inspection for this challenge.
  • A partial field may be used, but please make an effort to avoid the edges of your setup and try your best to have it match the original game field if you have 16+ tiles.
  • Any video sharing website (youtube, vimeo, etc) is acceptable

*Edited for clarity

The deadline for video submissions will be April 1st, and I’ll try to set up a little leaderboard website so we can see who’s winning if enough submissions happen. Good luck!


I mean if you get 0 every time it really is consistent…
Dunno why this award exists though. :thinking:


I personally really like the idea.


Sorry I wasn’t super clear on how that award works.
Say one team scores 5pts, 2pts, 4pts consecutively, they would get a consistency score of 2 * 1.05^3 points (which works out to 2.31525),
Then another gets 20pts, 24pts, 12pts, that’s a 13.8915 consistency score.
The team with the highest consistency score gets the award. It’s meant to favor teams who can run their auton many many times and still have a decent minimum score.

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That’s actually really cool I think I’ll try it, are we going to make it to where we have to be within 18’ still?

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I am not sure I have enough space or parts for 18 foot robot! :wink:

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Ok smartallac you know what I mean


Ok boomer!

(wait I resemble that remark!)


But still would it be?

Oh, gotcha. I thought it was referring to a consolation award “for participation” or something dumb like that. Clever.

No it would be mainly for fun but since we cant have comps why not especially if you cant go to worlds.

I think it would be best to have any robots competing in this start in 18"x18"x18" size, but it doesn’t need to be too strict. As long as your robot doesn’t start obviously out of expansion I will count it.

Ok ok yeah I’ll see if my team wants to do this