Unofficial: Syncing to motors in addition to joystick motors

@Stacey Jones

You can easily synch 2 motors by connecting them with a Y-cable and plugging them into 1 port on the cortex. Alternately, just turning on both motors on the lift at the same time, like:

if Button6U == 1 {
   motor[liftLeft] = 50;
   motor[liftRight] = 50; //or -50, if the motors are reversed

Is that your question? It’s hard to see where a 2-motor chassis comes into the picture.

For future reference, ROBOTC Tech Support can only be answered by official ROBOTC staff. If you want help with coding, UNOFFICIAL Tech Support is the better place to get it.

As for your question, are you asking about actively syncing them with sensors, or just moving them at the same time? Both are doable. The first requires sensors and is probably overkill for a mobile goal intake. The latter already has a great answer above.