Unofficial Tech Support: Holonomic Control

@julien_achkar asked:

There is no difference in the update times for the channels and buttons, so that’s not the issue. However, it’s probably something else about how you changed the driver code. Post it and people will comment.

Does VEX have a digital compass? You could use one stick to control the x or y motion of the bot on the course and use the other stick to control which direction the front of the bot faces. The compass could be used to keep the x and y directions from getting confused when your bot is out there duking it out.

they do, it’s called a gyro

The VEX gyro and a digital compass are not the same thing, the VEX gyro measures angular velocity which is integrated over time to calculate angle. As such, the gyro will never be as accurate as a digital compass over long periods of time. At the current moment, VEX does not sell or let teams use a digital compass.