(Unofficial) VEX Robotics Community on Google+

You guys should check out the Unofficial VEX Robotics Google+ community (and join Google+, if you haven’t already)

It’s not meant as a place to replace the forum, but it’s a more casual place to talk about VEX Robotics, robotic news, and anything that might interest others. It’ll be a great place to help people out using Hangouts (think Skype by Google).

P.S. There’s also a ROBOTC G+ community.

Thanks for the recognition! We look forward to seeing you on both the VEX and ROBOTC communities.

Skype chat already exists. Entire winning alliance from the Highschool World Championship met eachother in the skype chat. PM me to join.

Yes, but Google+ makes it easier to set up Community/public chats. Not 100% familiar with Skype, but I’m under the impression that it’s difficult to create a community discussion. You can host live webinars with Google+. Robomatter does a neat one where they’ve been talking about Robot Virtual Worlds. It’s broadcasted live on YouTube. It’s also possible to create community hangouts, where anybody (in the community) can join.

I’m not saying that Google+ Hangouts is 10x more awesome than Skype and you should drop Skype right now, I am saying that it does have several more “community” features that Skype does not offer, to the best of my knowledge.

+1 (no pun intended) to all of this.

I tend to like to keep my Skype as a private communication device for friends that I know (well) in person. I’m more open to connecting with forum peoples on G+ than through skype.

You’re just making this too easy for me… :slight_smile:

We have a Hangout tonight at 4PM EST if anyone is interested,topics will include (but won’t be limited to) Robot Virtual Worlds and the new Toss Up game, a VEX Worlds recap, some information on VEX IQ, details on ROBOTC 4.0, and information on the Summer of Learning Challenge. As always, we’ll have a Q&A at the end as well.

Just thought I’d let you know in case anyone is interested!

That’s sweet looking Mark. If you go to shapeways.com you can 3d print things into different materials. Maybe polycarbonate is one of them. They charge bu the quantity of material the product takes, so I would think that the motor housing would be relatively cheap to get. 12B made a mini version of their robot with it .

huh? I think you accidentally posted this in the wrong thread. This thread is very old and is about social networking.

This is completely off topic but while we talking about it.

I really want to buy this at some point.