Unofficial VEXcode Version Archive Website

On occasion, my team has temporarily reverted one version of VEXcode to avoid bugs created in a newer version. To solve this for the entire VEX community, we developed a website with all VEXcode V5 Text versions since 1.0. If you ever find yourself needing to step back in time, here is your one-stop database:

(Currently, we only store the windows .exe files)

When is reverting versions a good idea?

I recommend using the newest version of VEXcode if at all possible. However, new versions sometimes contain unforeseen issues: compiling errors, visual bugs, etc. If you update right before a competition and have bad results, temporarily reverting versions is a good last-minute fix.

In the past, I backtracked one version for a week. After our competition, I upgraded to the newest version and converted all elements of my code.

(If you have any issues with the site please PM me or reply to this thread.)


I find this approach actually to be not in the community interest. Also, you need to respect copyright author’s right of distribution of their code. This is a legally protected right.

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To be clear, work with the software code provider to resolve perceived bugs - that is in the community’s interest.

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I have cited VEX Robotics, Inc. as the owner of the software and made it clear that I am not. If they have any issue whatsoever, I will take down the website immediately.

Also, the VEX community has ranging needs. I have talked with several teams from across the United States who have needed a tool like this at one point or another. Besides, I primarily intend for this to be used by my own team. (For example, my friend updated to a newer version for a competition on Dec 7. VEXcode glitched as a result and he had to swap brains and use a different version. (Since then, VEX resolved the issue))

My goal is not to discourage people from working with VEX to resolve perceived bugs. My goal is to provide an emergency solution for teams that are close to or at competition.

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If you have a problem with it, just don’t use it. This solution is rare and not for everyone.

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It’s weird that this is not offered from VEX. It does seems like it might be necessary from time to time to revert to an earlier version of the code if new code is riddled with issues that can’t be resolved in time for an upcoming tournament.


Unless I am missing something huge, there have not been paralyzing situations with VEXcode.

It is the rights of the software author to determine how their creations will be distributed.

We should not encourage students to circumvent those legally protected rights.


No, you should NOT be offering software that is legally protected unless specifically permitted by the authors.

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I am sorry to have offended you, and I respect your mention of software rights. I will take down this website until further notice.

You make a good case to have past versions - but that should be channeled through the developers who bring you VEXcode - they have been very receptive to bug reports, and feature requests.

It will be fine. No offense taken, just making sure as part of learning, we understand the importance of attribution and control by authors of their creation. No difference when we see robots that appear to be mechanical clones of outside team designs.

References about copyright and DMCA:

and why I am stating this clearly is I had a student at MIT who got into loads of trouble for developing a service to share content anonymously from his dorm room. This was full FBI investigation and went to court.