Unofficial: Virginia MS, triple qual spots

From the “World Qualifications” tab on the RobotEvents entry for the Virginia State Middle School tournament:

And, just in case you don’t know who Katrina Hill is, from the REC Foundation Staff Profiles page, you can find:

One last clarification: There really isn’t a “triple” qualification for the purpose of rules interpretation. Think of it as someone having two double qualifications. Therefore the double qualification rules always apply, and you don’t need a special rule for “triple” quals.

Yes, you’re right kypyro. There really wasn’t a triple qual at the Virginia MS states competition. The robot skills was accidentally coded as qualifying for worlds when it really didn’t. I think that was clarified at states.

There was one double qualification (excellence award and tournament champion)- so there is one extra spot that goes to the team with the highest skills score that was not already qualified for worlds. Since the excellence award winner and tournament champion was also the highest robot skills score, I believe the worlds spot would be awarded to the second highest skills score in the state.