[Unofficial] What IP addresses or URL's does TM need to contact?

You will definitely also want


for VEX Via.

You will probably get a comprehensive answer in a timely fashion only by emailing or mentioning (as I have done) @Dave Flowerday though.

You’ll also need to unblock (from Wireshark analysis):

And probably a few more. We’ve had issues with ports in the past as well. We’ve had bad experiences with school networks, so it may be wise (if you have the resources) to have a distinct computer connected to your LAN and to a wireless hotspot which is used for the purpose of uploading scores. Not sure if we’ve done an event like this, but I’m pretty sure you’d have to configure the scoring computer as the main computer.

It is possible, but only as a manual and annoying process.

Only the master computer will automatically upload scores, but there is a menu option to do so manually from any computer with TM running (and connected to the TM network, obviously).

The only URL that Tournament Manager needs access to is *.dwabtech.com. I would advise against whitelisting by IP as server IPs can be changed at any time. The other URLs mentioned in this thread are not used by TM.

As a side note, I really don’t understand how any IT department in 2018 can operate on a “deny all by default” policy. How does that even work? So many things need network access these days it seems like it wouldn’t be possible to keep up with all the exceptions they’d need to add.


Welcome to the public education system, where everyone is underpaid, leaving only the least qualified individuals to staff our schools.

Also, many schools have so little government funding that they end up overly beholden to parent wishes. Which means overly restrictive firewalls.

(Obviously these are overgeneralizations, but it turns out to be true far too often.)


Thanks for sharing this information. It’s useful.

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Let me add before it gets locked that the two URL’s listed by Mayor Monty are not needed and shouldn’t be contacted.

And our district runs a deny by default and has a whitelist they use for the proxy server they run. It’s simple to request and get sites added to the whitelist.

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