Unprotected zone confusion

I think this question may have been solved already but I want confirmation for my particular situation. At the BC Fall Qualifier last Saturday during our semi final match it was us and a team from the same organization (1010Y and 1010H) against another alliance, during this match I was scoring a 5 stack of green in the unprotected zone and then the opposing alliance robot ramed us causing 3 cubes to fall off the stack, the final score was 22-17 in favor of the opposing alliance. I’m wondering if that was a legal defensive move or a dq. The cubes had been stacked already and our rollers were just touching the bottom cubes because I couldn’t pull out because I was being blocked, the ref ruled it not a dq I believe because I was still touching the cubes so it was not scored. idk if I explained this well enough but there you go I’ll see if I can find a video that might clear up some things but this just keeps bothering me.


Yes, that is a correct interpretation of the rule. Your rollers were still touching the bottom cube, so by definition, the bottom cube was not a Base Cube, thus none of the cubes on top could be considered stacked cubes. As long as 1010 didn’t spend too long pinning you guys, that is legal. Here’s a similar situation that sounds similar to what happened to you guys.


He is right, I believe that was a correct interpretation of the rules, however I think that the best way to avoid that situation again is to drop in the unprotected zone during auton or very early into the match. This has also happened to my team, however we did not lose because of it.

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So just to clarify an opposing robot can ram you thus knocking over the stack as long as the scoring robot is still touching the stack?(also im 1010 it was the opposing alliance robot that was keeping me in the zone

Yes, as long as a robot is touching the bottom cube, none of the cubes are considered to be worth points, so no penalty should be incurred.

It is only illegal to knock over a scored stack, the stack you described was not scored because it was still in contact by your robot, and because that cube you were in contact with was the bottom cube all cubes on top of that do not count as scored.

Well damn that sucks, thanks for the help I think I know what im going to being doing next tournament.
@GBHS_VEX_Member and @Wheezy14

(<SG3b> is just any contact with scored cubes, not just knocking them over.)

The next interesting rules question about this interaction would be if it’s a violation of <SG6>, since cubes tend to go flying out of bounds when tray bots are hit from behind with their tray tilted up.

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My bad, but to be completely honest, in most situations the offending robot has violently rammed or tail swiped a stack with a tray lol.

So if you were to ram an opposing robot into their own stack, wouldn’t the opposing robot touch the base cube right before the stack gets knocked over causing the cubes to not be considered scored moments before the stack actually is knocked over.

Is this legal and have I just broken the game?

The only way to turn a scored cube into an unscored cube is to make contact with it, either directly by knocking it over with your robot or indirectly by forcing an opposing robot or other object into it. <SG3b> covers any contact, not just descoring.

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Yes, but you will make contact with the base cube right before it gets knocked over.

That contact was caused by the opponent, and is therefore illegal.

What John is getting at is that even causing an opponent to contact one of their scored cubes is illegal, even if nothing falls, because that contact causes the cube, and any above it, to no longer be scored.


Ohhhhh, thank you, I understand now.

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