Unreasonable DQ

the block was knocked out of the tower into the inner protected line why, are we DQed

head ref is very bias

What did they call it?

the rule was SG3 E. it wasn’t match effecting

First of all, this isn’t the place to complain about referees.
Also technically that is a dq, for indirect contact with the inner protected zone.


Also wrong category :upside_down_face:



As someone who is a head ref themselves, I don’t like when people just call me “very bias”. Our job is to make sure the game is played according to the rules, which includes the Q&A, and knowing what is legal or not is why we make the tough calls.


Per SG7, the block behaves as part of your robot if you knock it somewhere, and so if it enters the IPZ, thats a DQ. Thats just the rule, no matter how dumb you might think it is.


I did that because it said it was under 20 characters

Next time just use
20 char limit.

OK. it was a DQ. it doesnt matter if match affecting or not. And please dont insult people on forums. Finally make sure its the right category.


I do think this is one of the unreasonable insta DQs this season, but the head ref did call it right. I think TT would be infinitely better if the GDC changed all these scenarios to only be a DQ if it’s match affecting, but it isn’t like that so we just have to play cautiously.


Thank you for helping me understand the rules better. In this situation the head ref made the right call and the DQ was not unreasonable. I do not like the rule or the call, but I know this situation will make me a better competitor next season. Also thank you for calling me out on calling the ref “very bias”. I let my emotions get the best of me and made a bad comment. I also agree the refs have a difficult job and this was probably not an enjoyable decision for the ref to make. Once again thank you for all the help this season and future seasons.


A very thoughtful response to a difficult situation. I like that you are being reflective about this making you a better competitor in the future!


Just remember one thing-- We are all human and no one is perfect.

Good luck on further comps and seasons!


I’m not certain this post is about me, but it certainly could be. I made this same call in a state championship elimination match yesterday, and it was the most painful call I’ve made all season.

I head referee knowing that participants may see bias in my calls, although I do everything I can to eliminate it. This is a tough rule to enforce, but I’ve made this and similar calls at a number of events this season. I root for every single team to succeed, and calls like this are heartbreaking.

I’m heartened by the responses on this thread, particularly the most recent from Foaming_Hippo. It helps to know that you roboteers understand what we’re going through. Every time a call is made in an elimination match, there’s an alliance whose season is negatively impacted, so we referees have to consistently enforce the rules as we understand them.


It doesn’t have to be match effecting, our partner accidentally knocked one out of a tower at states and it fell into their inner protected zone we where DQed although we where never in possession it was in no way match affecting.

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