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You know you want to click it…


I’m glad I clicked it :stuck_out_tongue:

Which robot scored 270? Do you have any videos?

Oh hey, that sure looks familiar :wink:

Reported for bad thread name. Just kidding. Nice robots Jack :stuck_out_tongue:

The left one can score a little more than 270… ;p

And we will release all of our videos after apac.

Wow… All i can say is i’m glad i clicked that link.:smiley:

We will be competing at the Asia Pacific tournament on Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week (New Zealand time), 4 robots will be coming from us, A and C (shown in the pictures) will be in high school. B and S in middle school. S has a similar robot to A so was not pictured, and B… well that only just exists so we arent too sure if its gonna be going properly… for more information, and a link to the live feed see the links below.

Middle School: http://www.robotevents.com/asia-pacific-vex-championship-new-zealand-middle-school.html

High School: http://www.robotevents.com/asia-pacific-vex-championship.html

High School: http://www.robotevents.com/asia-pacific-vex-championship.html
Hahaha. Can you tell that I really am looking forward to watching this when I made a new document with all the times for matches changed to my time? Looks like great robots. Good luck

Somehow… i have no idea… our B has managed to pull of a robot in 3 days - so you will be seeing them at apac :smiley: although, sadly i dont have pictures :confused:

Nice. But really, I need a life when this makes my day, week and if there was not Christmas in three weeks monmth as well . Will you be rotating that intake forward with the pneumatics in the qaulifying matches?

Oh my… so many pneumatics tanks. If you don’t mind my asking, why are you using the pneumatics for the lift, as opposed to gears/motors?

Cuz 8 motor drive. That’s why.

Exactly! :wink:

Today we had 3 qualification matches each, 3 of our robots (A, C, S) have gone undefeated so far. Today we learnt that the SPs are kinda backwards this year… because the hardest games have the lowest scores D:

There were issues with the live stream today :confused: but we are all hoping its all up and running for tomorrow :slight_smile:

The Singapore and China teams can score scarily fast…

Yup :smiley: lovin the 8 motor drive

Really nice looking robot. For you pneumatic lift, is it a 2 stage lift? (Like 2 heights, 1 for trough, one for high goal) Nice looking robot tho!

would be only trough it looks like.

However I gota say I like that Pnuematic lift.

Yeah its only for the trough but it lifts nearly instantaneously so its pretty quick :smiley:

How wide is the intake on A?
On the 3rd picture (2nd robot) does the intake have to flip up before the match?

The bottom conveyor on A is 26 holes long and the top roller is 25 hole :slight_smile:

And yup the top roller on C started up at the start of the match :slight_smile:

What was the ratio on the arm? Looks like a 1:7 with 4 393 motors which seems a bit weak to pick up 10-12 sacks (which seems to what was normal after watching some matches).