Unused tournament sounds?

I was browsing through my files on my computer and saw the sounds folder in tournament manager. The files in there are Abort.wav, FiveSecondCountdown.wav, Pause.wav, Start.wav, Stop.wav, Warning.wav, and Warning2.wav. I was wondering what the FiveSecondCountdown.wav and Warning2.wav files are used for. I have never heard them before in a competition in any Vex competition.

They’re not used any more.
They were originally for Gateway (2011-2012). The gates had to be raised before 0:30 remaining, and the doubler and negation barrels could only be placed into the field in the last 30 seconds. The countdown would play from 0:35 remaining, then warning2 at 0:30. As best as I can recall, they haven’t been used since.