Unusual Things

Imagine you and your team went to your workspace and your robot was gone…right before the tournament? I’d be screaming my head off OR banging my head on the nearest open table. What about you?

that’s happened to one of my teams before during a practice. there builder took it home to work on it for an upcoming competition and didn’t tell the rest of the team and called in sick the next day.


One of our teams left the robot on the school bus… and would not admit to it.


My drive program in autonomous was not working the entire second half of last season. Turns out the encoder was broken on the motor. I had tried everything short of actually replacing it :^)


Our school is located very close to the border, and many team members have family in Mexico, so crossing is common. I once had a kid take his robot with him so he could transport it to the tournament the next day. Little did I know he was not going home, but to his grandma’s house in Tijuana. He barely made it to his first match because the robot had been held for inspection at customs which took several hours. We now have a rule that robots are NEVER to cross the border.


Oh no! Were you able to get it back?

Yes, the bus driver was awesome and came back after his morning runs to drop off the robot… Not a peep was said by the kids that the bot was gone all day. Middle school kids don’t always show the most responsible decision making, and hard for them to take ownership when they make a poor decision.


I took the robot home the night before a comp, and all I did was tighten screws and change out the rubber bands, I never even turned the robot on. But the next day all the controls were inverted.


I have long wanted to get shaft couplers instead of cutting off screw heads to make couplers. Nowhere in our inventory did we have shaft couplers. Found one today while I was working on the robot.

Something be about… :eyes:

Are you sure it wasn’t a cut screw

lol I know that feeling. but its always, do I spend money and wait just to connect these 2 standoffs together (I assume you meant standoff coupler), or do I lop the heads of these screws off? and option 2 always prevails.

Well yes, but whenever my screws meet the bolt cutters, the beheaded end never threads into a standoff.

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then don’t use bolt cutters. I use a dremel or a hacksaw

Back when I was a noob, and working way ahead of where I should’ve been, I needed a stand-off coupler. And I didn’t know they actually existed. Good thing that was back in the days when I actually asked before I cut anything… smh

Silly me, yes I did mean standoff coupler

I guarantee you this was a standoff coupler, had the hex insert and everything