Upcoming Event: TVACast Episode 1 (March 17)

Hello forum users,
The Texas VEX Alliance(TVA) and the Texas VEX Alliance Coalition(TVA-C) have been hard-working at getting ready to livestream our very first Episode of the TVACast! The TVACast will include teams from both TVA and TVA-C who will discuss a variance of topics that would be useful for users who are going to the VEX Robotics World Championship or any other national event. The first episode of the TVACast will give the expectations as to what will be seen at worlds, reviewings of the previous state championships, what type of robots that could potentially be the most dominant at worlds, video and reveal examples, teams that are expected to be in the Round Robin, and many other interesting information that could be useful for anyone who is willing to watch it. Episode 1 of the TVACast will be livestreamed on Saturday, March 17 at 1:00 PM Chicago Time on both the TVA YouTube Channel as well as the TVA twitch Channel, and we would like to see you all there!

Even if we don’t make it to World’s for whatever reason I’ll still be watching. So looking forward to it!

The Outline of “TVACast | Season 1 | Episode 1” can be found [Here]. The Outline may be prone to changes, but probably only minimal changes would be made.

I propose a time limit on how long we can rant about Norcal states :confused:

I am sorry, but we agreed to not involve the situations that have been going on in California since discussing it probably won’t benefit anyone if talked about on the stream, as well as we want to keep the Livestream as professional as possible without any bias.
I hope you understand,

  • [TVA] Connor

I am really looking forward to it!

Will this event be archived for those of us who can’t watch the livestream?

The livestream will be saved and uploaded when the stream is done, so yes :slight_smile:

Thank you :smiley:
Trust me, it’ll definitely be worth it!

1961K is not 4 motor drive. They are 6 motor base and 2 motor lift.

So is both 1961U and K 6 motor or only 1961K?
EDIT//: I’m also being PM’ed that both robots are doing 4 motor drive from one of your teammates, I’m confused
EDIT #2//: Ahhhhh Nvm, I’ll only include 1961U then (We’re referencing from a video)

1961U is 4 motor and 1961K is 6 motor

I updated the outline, thank you for letting us know :smiley:

Will there be match footage in TVACast, or will it just be people discussing the topics in the outline the whole time?

@Easton generally, there is match footage and visuals to go with it, definitely if there’s a specific robot and we can find images/things to look at for it.

The Texas VEX Alliance Discord Server is now doubling as a public server for chatting and for Guests for the TVACast!
You can join here: TEXAS VEX ALLIANCE

Just for a reminder, the TVACast will be live tommorow at 1:00 Central/Chicago Time :smiley:

Boop, Reminder that that the TVACast will be live in 30 mins

Twitch we’re live right now

The first episode of the TVACast was incredibly fun! Although there was some occasional issues, everyone enjoyed it and it was a great cast for the alliance. We hope to see you guys on the next episode of the TVACast :smiley:

Season 1 | Episode 1: TVA Cast | S1 | E1 - YouTube