Upcoming Event: TVACast Episode 2 (April 22)

I am proud to announce on behalf of the Texas VEX Alliance (TVA) and the Texas VEX Alliance Coalition (TVA-C), that we will be live-streaming the second episode of TVACast! In this special episode, we will be focused on robot reveals! We will be showing robot reveals and discussing them. If you would like for us to show your reveal/debut the reveal on the stream, please fill out this Google Form . We will start the live-stream on the TVA YouTube Channel and on the TVA Twitch Channel on the 14th of April at 1:00pm, CST. The deadline for reveal submissions is April 11th, 11:59pm.

Yay I loved the first one

TVA will be doing a suprise stream today at the CREATE US OPEN!
Make sure you watch :smiley:
NOTE: Since we will be using Cellular Connection, the quality wont be as high.

Is this going to happen? @[TVA]Connor

OOF, I forgot to tell you guys…
The TVACast will be postponed to Sunday, April 22, at 1:00 PM. My apologies.
Because a great amount of us came from CREATE US OPEN the last week, we were not prepared, and the outline was only partially finished. To add on, we just didn’t have enough users post their reveals in the google form.

It would be appreciated if we can reach around 10-15 users post their reveal here, so we can do the reveal episode :smiley: : https://goo.gl/forms/fIOcK56HyT5mwLz52

So you guys know, this postpone was not because we are trying to avoid doing TVACast. We just simply didn’t have enough time to stream today because of the limited time, even while rushing to get it finished. We promise you that the postpone will definitely be worth it. This way we can be as highest of quality as possible with the stream. I will also be working on making the stream be able to correct the problem if someone disconnects, but this is not guaranteed, as well as I will be working on making sure that a persons’ name will be seen so you can easily recognize the users.

Last time, we did a Kahoot after the stream topics finished. This time, we are going to try to do something a little bit more… different :wink:


Just a heads up!
The TVACast will be LIVE tommorow at 1:00 PM CST
TVA Twitch Channel
TVA YouTube Channel
The Reveal Request Form is now closed…

hi yes thing happening SOON

Heads up starting in 45 mins.

WE ARE LIVE for the reveal special.

TVACast | Season 1 | Episode 2 Was a success!!!
If you’ve missed the stream, watch it here:

JUST TO ADD A NOTE: There is a song that is blocked in the US, but I removed the song in the stream and it may take some time to be able to actually view the video.
EDIT//: It’s public now