Update Needed screen on LCD

What condition causes perfectly working Motors/Sensors/Devices to suddenly needing an update? Sometimes its the Motors, sometimes its the Sensors. Motors mostly. If everything has been working without changes, is something lost over time?

(Current: Firmware 1.13 controller 1.04). Thanks.

We have noticed this too. Especially with the gyros. Sometimes the brain reports that a motor needs to be updated, but it turns out to be a gyro in the same bank of ports. Diagnosing this problem is difficult; teams that have not previously experienced this will try replacing the motor and the cables connecting it (as would be logical).

Now that we’ve come across this issue we know what to do. 1. Take off the gyro. 2. Plug it into port 1 of a different brain. This second brain should have nothing else plugged in. 3. Run the firmware update tool on the second brain. 4. Chances are that the firmware tool will say that the gyro needs to be updated. 5. Update the gyro firmware. 6. Move the gyro back to your robot.

If the firmware tool does not say that the gyro needs to be updated, then maybe it really was a bad motor in the first place.

Thanks jrp62