Update: REGISTER NOW for FREE RobotC Intro Course!


Update: REGISTER NOW! (See Latest Post)



Hello all! I’m Luke, a VEX alumni and previously member and coach for 323Z Aftershock from Indianapolis, IN. I was honored to compete from Toss Up through Nothing But Net and mentor some amazing boys on VEX IQ team 323M Shadow.

Sadly, it has been some time since I last properly followed the season, let alone got on the forum. Just haven’t found the time between university and other commitments. But I’m BACK!


Recent interest has caused me to consider teaching an introductory 3 week crash course on functional programming and RobotC over winter break. I am by no means an expert in C or functional programming, but I do remember how hard it was to get started programming in VEX and I would like pay it forwards and help the new generation of extremely talented VEX engineers with a bit of my free time.

If it goes well and interest continues, I may consider doing a longer, more in depth course this summer.


TIME: 12/18 - 01/06, roughly 4-6hrs/wk
PLACE: Online! Lecture will be recorded so you can participate regardless of your time zone
TARGET: students/mentors that are newer to VEX, and know little or nothing about coding, specifically with robots.
TOPICS: how to define robot setup, coding basic autonomous robot control, programming drivers control, functions, basic debugging, and any topics the community suggests!
OBJECTIVES: learn to set up your robot in RobotC, code driver control and autonomous modes, set up and use basic vex sensors, basic problem analysis and translation to code, simple program architecture/diagramming, basics of functional programming, passing parameters by value/address, find and fix errors (debug) in your code, and how to learn more if you desire to do so.


Update: registration for the course is now open, see my most recent post for the link/instructions

If you are interested, please tell me here: https://goo.gl/forms/N8HYVHk8xo2Vfpwx2

For those wondering, I am a sophomore studying Robotics Engineering Technology in the School of Technology at Purdue University with plans to transition to the School of Engineering soon.


I think I will give it a go. We are mostly using PROS but I know almost nothing about programming and we have a few new kids interested in RobotC. Maybe if I take your course, my questions to my son will not sounds so stupid.

I am also interested in taking the course. I wish to evolve from using easyc to robotc so I can do actual programming.

@Luke323Z will it be conducted online? If yes, I might just throw my new members in :slight_smile:

@meng yes! Thank you for asking, I will edit the original post to reflect this clarification.

The response has been very encouraging! I will send out details for registration soon.

REGISTER NOW! (Latest Post)

Hello all! Exciting news…


The response has been amazing! Thank you to everyone who has filled out the Google Form, it has been great to get an idea of who is interested and what you would like to learn about over the coming weeks. In light of this continued interest, I will start putting together a syllabus and materials as soon as time allows.


We are using Google Classroom to manage this course. For whatever reason, Google Classroom will not allow users to register for a class not affiliated with a school system to use a school email, or a personal email to register for a school system class. OPTION #2 if you have issues or to do bulk sign-up.


1) Go to classroom.google.com
2) Log into your Google account
3) Click the plus sign to ‘Create or Add Class’
4) Select ‘Join Class’
5) Paste the following class code to join: ei8jvue

1) Send an email to EatSleepRobots@gmail.com with the gmail account(s) you would like added. This option is great if you are an educator/mentor and would like to add multiple members/teams.

If you have not yet filled out the Google Form, please make sure to (this is not a replacement for registration): https://goo.gl/forms/N8HYVHk8xo2Vfpwx2


This one is up to you, I recommend acing your finals and/or kicking some butt at competitions until the approximate course start date of Monday, December 18. Passing this free class along to friends/teammates/aliens is also suggested :slight_smile:

Can’t wait!

Love to see Cornerstone alumni giving back to the robotics community. Thanks Luke!

the google classroom code is not working

**## If the Google Classroom code does not work…
**Send an email to EatSleepRobots@gmail.com with the gmails you would like added and I will add you personally!

@Jayden Siegle sorry to hear that! Send me an email, as mentioned above, and I’ll take care of it!

@JayM thank you so much for the kind words, you have been an amazing example to Cornerstone and the VEX community as a whole of someone who serves without restraint :slight_smile:


For whatever reason, Google Classroom will not allow users to register for a class that is not affiliated with a school system to use a school email.

If you are unable to register, try again but use a ## PERSONAL GOOGLE ACCOUNT to register.

Not sure what is up with that. I was able to register without any problem. It may be because I had a Google account and was logged in at the time.

I signed up and reposted the information on my blog. Thank you – looking forward to it!


I’ll probably be going somewhere over the break. Do you think I can still do it? It’ll be from around the 26th to the 3rd

It’s an online course… so if you have a computer and wi-fi wherever you go then yes.

So all I need is RobotC studio thing? No Cortex, motors and stuff?

That would be helpful, so you could practice the code you learn, but from what I understand it isn’t necessary. @Luke323Z correct me if I’m wrong.

Yes, you are both correct. The course is focused on learning C basics which are applicable to RobotC. Getting started with actual robot control/robot programming is very simple with an understanding of the foundation concepts.

For those that missed the live stream or haven’t signed up yet: https://youtu.be/YRrd1E6_gaU?t=12m11s

Example code covered in the video: jdoodle.com/a/hBm

Lecture #1 notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16ftloKA_LjksAmjbJTeDqr_ybRZI45duTziVAopp_xM/edit?usp=sharing

I will spare you all the spam, but if you or someone you know is interested and hasn’t signed up yet, do so ASAP! Thanks all and I’m looking forward to the next few weeks with all of you!

Lecture 2 is starting! Catch the archived livestream now: https://youtu.be/gr6ThXmWDjY

Also see the solutions for Lab #01: https://youtu.be/4RvUuMs5Mys

And the solution to the errors we unexpectedly ran into in lecture: https://youtu.be/3SoPP2Ohg5k