Updated Parts Library for SketchUp?

So, I’m looking for a way to CAD my designs for next year. Unfortunately, since I have Intel HD Graphics, AutoCAD brings my laptop to its knees. In addition, my SSD is only 250 GB, so I can’t afford to give up all the storage Inventor needs.

So right know, I’m looking at SketchUp for doing CAD. Does anyone know how to either import the Inventor library to SketchUp, or if there is a recent SketchUp library? The newest I could find was from 2011.


Just use inventor. The part libraries are more up to date and it’s way easier to assemble parts. You might as well just build it irl instead of using sketchup.

I’d like to use inventor, but my computer doesn’t meet the minimum specs

I’ve just started playing around with Inventor and can’t seem to load more than a couple of components at a time, and I definitely can’t get them to assemble into anything resembling a robot. Are there any online video tutorials that show how to use the VEX kit of parts with Inventor?

My PC is pretty powerful, i7-4770k, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, nVidia GTX 970 so it shouldn’t have a problem.

this may help you get started as far as how to use it. For an alternate parts library(I’m guessing that could be some of the problem???), a quick search turned up these :slight_smile: