Updated to new Modlink/Firmware and no code!

I went to write some code this morning and ModKit made me update my ModLink and install new firmware on brain/controller/etc. After updating everything, when writing a new code, I can only get 1 motor to respond at a time. If I run the “plug and play” software that’s on the Brain, motors work, but not my code, and trust me, my code is super simple just to test a few motors right now.

I also saw the Brain has a new item on it called AutoPilot, not sure what this does…but I’m interested.

Please help!


Thanks for using Modkit for VEX IQ. We’re sorry you’re experiencing these issues and believe we have identified a bug that could cause this.

The bug: Having a controller turned on and linked to the brain but not present (not dragged out) in the Modkit program causes the brain to miss at least the first few commands. So if you have motors running on a “when(START)” and the controller is linked but not dragged out, this is likely your issue.

The workaround: Turn off the controller if not present in the Modkit program or add a controller to the Modkit program by dragging it out next to the brain in “Robot view”

We’re working on the fix with VEX so please let us know if this solves your issue. If not, can you please send a .mkc file for the project that does not work as expected? You can use the “download” button under the “project” dropdown menu and the file should end up in your downloads folder. Once you locate the downloaded .mkc file please send it to [email protected].


I don’t think that’s the problem. I have the Brain, controller, and just two motors brought in. Only the first motor I bring it responds when controlled. It doesn’t matter what port I select, as long as it’s on the first motor, that motor works via controller, but nothing else. I just emailed you my “test” code that just has 2 motors on it.

Please help! We’re trying to get this guy going!

Thanks for sending the code. We’ll continue to work through it via email.

Thanks again! For others reading this the problem happened when a controller was dragged out before a motor and then you click the controller icon on the motor to “map” controller actions to the motor. This issue has been resolved and the fix has been pushed live to http://modkit.com/vex/editor. Refreshing your browser should fix this issue.

You guys at ModKit rock. Thanks again!