Updates on VEX IQ kits?

Has anyone seen or heard any updates on shipment of VIQC Competition or Education kits? Website just says “Backordered Ships Q4 2022” which could be October or could be December. Either way, it’s putting my 5 newbie teams in peril of not being able to compete this year and these kids are really excited about competing. We purchased a Super Kit last year for our first team but didn’t get to compete because of supply chain issues. All my teams are new this year and we have one 1st gen brain with battery and controller for them to even begin brainstorming functionality of designs.

I’d appreciate if anyone has an update on this. Thanks!

I can’t speak to the gen 2 electronics, but if you order 228-8657 (Education kit w/o electronics), and 228-7597 (Competition upgrade kit), they should ship right away, then you can get the generation 2 electronics (228-8658) sometime in the future. (use your gen 1 stuff until then). There is a $40 “penalty” for doing this though…buying the separate parts and having them now vs. waiting weeks to get the whole kit at once.

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Thanks…I love the idea and the availability is there. Our challenge is we don’t have enough 1st gen electronics for 5 teams so we’re still in a bind because the 1st gen brain is no longer in stock…same with 1st gen controller. For right now, we’ve discussed how all teams can use the one brain with a motor (only have 4 motors from the kit we got last year) to run an “attachment” , if you will, without having to program things into the brain or the controller. And here’s a goofy thing…to be put into the queue for the Education Kit (had to order Education Kit with Competition Kit upgrade to qualify for Title IV funds so no single item was over $500), we had to order without the license plate because it’s out of stock. Fortunately, we can 3D print those from what the game manual says. This is a big switchover for us because the school used to do FLL and we have tons of that equipment, but didn’t want to switch to Spike Prime. Plus I like the VEX IQ format better with the collaboration and the driving with programming autonomous. :slight_smile:

You will get a license plate with every registered team as part of the welcome pack.


Yes, but we had to remove it from the kit to get into the queue for the kits. Supply chain issues…

You can’t remove the license plate from the welcome pack. The welcome pack is a pack that comes when you are registering a team.

I think I got my items criss-crossed because I have so many things going on. With the registration for VIQC teams, I had to opt out of the Welcome Pack for now because of something related to either the booklets, license plates, or something to get the registration completed for now. Whatever it is, it doesn’t make a difference. What does matter is that I’m trying to get 5 teams across 3 grade levels ready for competition season with one 1st gen kit that we got last year. I even ordered a bunch of parts out of my pocket yesterday because the kids need stuff to begin brainstorming and testing designs.

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