Updates to Vex Coding Studio?

Is there any news on an update for VCS? The IDE feels extremely limited right now and is missing some seemingly essential features like keyboard shortcuts (this one seems baffling to not have), opening multiple files at once, debugging features, re-arranging the window, and various options (there isn’t an options menu for anything??). The entire program feels like a huge step backwards from RobotC, which definitely also had some flaws, though not nearly as bad as this.

This is one of the reasons why alternatives exist such as PROS and RobotMesh. However, if you are stuck with VCS, there is a utility posted on the forum called NotVCS which extracts a .vex file and lets you edit in a third-party editor such as Atom or Sublime.
Don’t hold your breath about VCS updating, as it has not done so at all, even past the promised dates.

If I remember correctly an October update was mentioned, which has still not been released.

pros very professional. Obviously it’s not something that students can learn at this stage. Even teachers can’t. For example, cmake, makefile, project configuration, etc., it’s not just C grammar.

@3038922 I’ve found the rmbuild tool from robot mesh to be a good in-between. The API is very similar to VCS and you can use whatever third-party environment you want.

What are you talking about? With a bit of research and learning, students can totally learn PROS. There is good documentation, tutorials, and inclusions of libraries such as LVGL and OkapiLib that make programming a robot easier.
While it is a bit of a learning curve, it is completely possible for a beginner to learn PROS if they read up on C/C++.
Most people will never need to touch the makefile or build system if they use PROS in the recommended ways.

I, personally, am not a huge fan of any of the options for programming V5. Robot Mesh feels the most polished, but I am used to the VCS api. I use notvcs (I may be biased though, since I am its creator) simply because the lack of organization without multiple files really annoys me.